Friday, May 30, 2014


November 4, 2013
Mataku mungkin lelah,
Terus melihatmu bersama bermesra berdua dengannya
Seakan tak peduli akan sebuah hati di pojok bahagiamu
Mataku mungkin telah sangat lelah
Sembab akan kenyataan yang harus disaksikannya
Mengalirkan bulir-bulir kesakitan dan kesedihan
Sembari berharap dapat melihatmu bahagia dengan sedikit pengertian akan secuil hati di pojok bahagiamu
Namun, taukah kamu wahai ciptaan Nya...
Hatiku tak pernah sedikitpun lelah menyayangmu!
Hatiku tak pernah sedikitpun lelah mengusap ketakutan akan kehilangan hal yang tak pernah ia miliki, dirimu, dengan agungnya harapan kau mampu merasakannya
Mengobati luka dengan agungnya rindu padamu, berharap kau pun begitu.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


A Fantastic Adventure Saturday, April 26th, 2014
On Saturday morning, I got up early and directly took bath, it was unusual I do. Surprisingly, I did it, guys. My Guiding classmates and I had a plan to survey Bowele Beach to be a choice destination in Floating Island Tour 2014, as a final project of Guiding & Tourism 2 class, UIN Maliki of Malang.
After waiting, we went to Bowele Beach which is located in Pujiharjo Purwodadi Dampit, South Malang. We did not know where it is. Vigorously, we kept on going along the road even we ever went a wrong way and lose. This is a long journey we had. Our enthusiasm was up and down, because after a millions kilo meters we were driving, the people we asked always said it was still far. After a long driving, we began to pass a narrow road, a new built road, and a stone road. It is impossible for a big bus to pass here, except car and motorcycle. Moreover, mans who newly able to ride vehicles, it is better to not come here, this road is just for the expert one. We really pass a dozens of mountains to reach one of Malang beaches that have a waterfall. Eventually, we arrived there after for about 4 hours.

          Substantively, we had to pay Rp. 350.000,- per boat to reach Banyu Anjlok Beach, and for a pack of Banyu Anjlok and Bolu-Bolu Beach, we need pay Rp. 600.000,-. Aish…. That is so expensive for students like us. After lobbying with the management and the leader whom we are familiar one each other, we may go to Banyu Anjlok by passing a private road made by the inhabitant to reach it from shore-track which is very narrow. The large is for about a meter with rocks and canyons in each side. This way is passing mountains therefore it spends for about 30 minutes to arrive Banyu Anjlok. Even the scenery of the sea from the top is so amazing, but the road is dangerous, steep, bad and difficult.
     Finally, we started to be dumb found by passing a big stones, a small water fall, and a swimming pool with 5 meters in the deep. From the swimming pool that actually the top of the 10 maters waterfall, we can see the beach and the blue sea. Wooww…. Welldone, subhanallah. =) Next, we went down to the beach. After satisfied playing sea water, we were enjoying the falling water. Apparently, there is a cave in the back of the waterfall. We do not enter because it is so dark, and we are not enthusiasm to see what is inside. Before we go back, we still took bath and swim in the natural pool. This destination is really still pure and natural.
     In the end, we go back home at 4 pm. happily. We dinner together with all of the fun story and unforgettable memoriam about Banyu Anjlok, Bowele which had delete the exhaustion we got to reach it.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lovely lost love

Jika air mata ini mampu ungkapkan semua
Lapangkan setiap hati yang berharap
Agar tak ada satupun yang harus merasa
tersakiti ataupun terkhianati

Jika memang harus tersenyum
Ijinkan keikhlasan menyertai setiap hela nafas pasrah hamba

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

No regret just bbe crestfallen
 anak M1 yang disasarin ke M2, aku ra popo kok. =)
Malang Tempoe Doeloe is one of Malang City’s attractions which is held once in a year. Commonly , an attraction used to call MTD is held in the millieu of Malang City’s anniversary. MTD is a celebration held by presenting a form of Malang. This Malang icon provides the atmosphere of past Malang, how Malang lastly. When the people visit MTD, they are as if in Malang in the past. Obviously, many people wear Java traditional cloths like jarik, batik, kebaya, and blangkon. Others, it is found also a dozens of Java traditional foods variously, especially Malang traditional food as Gulali (Taffy), tebu (sugar cane), and many others.  If we are there, suddenly we will pass and enter Dutch Colony Era, because many people wear such kind of cloth usually wore by Dutch troops. In each side of track which spreads out very long, the visitors are going to find many stores; both traditional and modern food stalls, accessories shops, cloths and veil stores, until unique and rare thing shops. Greatly, there are a lot of traditional performs such as campur sari, gending, hadroh, and expo such hijab, painting, bicycle of old, and all of about Malang and Java.  Ordinarily, MTD which is able to interest a dozens of citizens in and out of Malang is held for about 3 up to 7 days in a long Jl. Ijen, Malang City.
Malang Tempo Doele was held again on May 2nd, 2014 while in 2013, it was no held. Unusually, MTD this year was held in Malang Town Square (Alun- alun Malang) at Jalan Merdeka Barat, Malang. Because of it was the first, the concept was quite a mess. It occurred traffic jam and quarrel between pedestrian visitors and vehicles that passed that way. As visitor, I could not do anything include walking, traffic jam for walker. Unfortunately, my friends and I just watched walking people like ants and hearing various sounds from many performs held in several places differently and separately like sound of gending, campur sari, hadroh, banjariyan and others. Shops are located inside of alun-alun, and some others spread out I did not know where. There was also a big screen shows how Malang in the past. Moreover, it was only held one day, instead it was rained hard.
foto sampe ga dapet angel e blas. tak kasih info, focusnya it Ima muda dan sepeda tua hehe

Ramene gini, ruwet ribet. huhft..

salah satu perform banjariyannya, backgroundnya masjid agung jaman dulu.
My friend and I planned to go MTD together on 5 pm. Just because Indonesian people really have no on time, it was laze around. Patiently, we would go after maghrib. Unfortunately, before maghrib done, it rained hard. It was caused the rain has no stop; we gave up to go there. After waiting for a long time, since 5 pm, finally, we decided to change our mind by having dinner together on Bakso Sapi Muda. Suddenly, the rain stopped. Impatiently, we are back very bright and hurry up in eating. Eventually, we have just gone MTD at 07.30 pm. There was traffic jam, so we arrived at 8 pm. There, we cannot do anything, although only watching something unique or beautiful, because all of people are crowd. Something I was able to enjoy was only taking picture in front of banner pictures about some old Malang building and old bicycles served there excessively. In the end, I go back at 8.30 pm. unexpectedly, we had to walk from alun-alun until MATOS, oh my god, it is so far. It caused by traffic jam too. Happily and tired, I arrived home at 22 pm with all of vexation toward MTD this year. I think not only me who is annoyed and disappointed to the total confusion of this event, but all of visitors who came.

ini ladies ladies nya =)

Apparently, the confusion is caused by unready of the committee to hold MTD in a new place that never used in advance which is clearly different excessively from many aspects. It is coming in sight from how they manage the route for visitors and passing vehicles, the parking area, enter and exit visitors. In my assumption, everything provided was very a mess in alun-alun at that night. Yet, it was better than no MTD like a year before. I said thanks for holding MTD and the hard efforts doing that. It constantly became unforgettable memorial for me; even it was ugly and disappointing one. Finally, I still found pleasure there.

Monday, May 12, 2014

May, 2014

May, 2014
Ima Tempoe Dulu
I am in the past, but who is wanna be in the  next
Sore kemarin, waktu itu aku sendirian di kamar, roomate-ku belum balik dari liburan weekendnya yang selalu dia habisin di rumahnya. Sambil sedikit mengkhayal, aku flash-back ke masa-masa awal aku ada di Malang, semester 1 dan 2. Terinspirasi dari film korea yang aku tonto 2 selama weekend, aku pengen jadi feminin, bisa dibilang kayak dulu lagi. Tahun pertama aku d Malang, aku itu, pendiam, gak banyak omong, rapi, kerudung tertata, baju disetrika, pakai rok jadi etika... ga pernah ngomong kasar, jelek dan unpolite. Bisa dibilang, aku itu cuek, cool, calm, and confident, that was past. Ima dulu itu, kalo bicara sopan dan santun, selalu bisa menahan amarah. Ima yang dulu itu, rajin belajar, rajin ibadah meski gak jamaah, hee.. tapi tahajjud, dhuha, dan hajat, hampir gak ktinggalan, beluml lagi acara baca alqur’an sehabis sholat, kalo bangun pagi sebelum adzan... kapan ima yang sekarang seperti itu.. penegen banget.... kembali ke masa kebaikan. =) aku pengen kaak dulu...aktifitas kebaikan yang oerl kembali dilakukan, redo, tapi tanpa Mr, dulu kan ada dia, sekarang tanpa. Uke? Ganbatte!!