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My a mess writing ;-(

Government is obliged to be set rotation taxes from the people for the people and by the people to a balanced and fair as possible. There are things that lead to increased taxes and fall, SOME THINGS THIS CAUSE related with a state society. Finally, it needs to discuss how the tax reduction effect on a country and its people on demands for goods and services, the society’s ability to fulfill it, and three effects of increasing demands.
If a country is suffering from economic recession , the government can reduce taxation. It has big impact especially for lower society in a country.  It is what happened in US, the federal government has decreased while the Social Security tax for 2011. On the surface, this looks to be a fairly simple way for American employees to bring home a little more than the monthly salary. In addition, to the social security tax cuts, it also lowers your taxable income. If all other factors remain the same, this means that any social security tax savings meant into into increased Federal and State income tax. This can be partially or even completely eliminate the potential benefit to the taxpayer. However, taxes decrease will relieve the poor in meeting their needs. This is because the price of nothing is going down and taxes being paid is no longer burden them.
The government always expect the welfare of its people whereas  a decline or recession can also be detrimental to society because of the recession when the state budget will go down and reduced. This eventually leads to reduced demand for goods and services something. According to a source, it demonstrates that during a recession, the private sector spending drops for a variety of reasons. Demand for goods and services will go down. Paticular investors tend to restrict their investments. Factories tend to drop production and lay off workers.

According to Uni Sosial Demokrat, a companies which goes bankrupt, automaticaly number of businesses / companies that reduced tax revenues come reduced.  It is caused  weakening purchasing power thereby potentially lowering economic growth. Of course, a demand of goods and services tax will be reduced when other raised. In the other side, the ruler means raising taxes for the budget fulfillment. Based on Uni Sosial Demokrat, this is considered less accurate because of the increase will increasingly undermine the ability of the enterprise and potentially joint bankruptcy. In turn, raise the tax policy is thus increasingly exacerbating the situation. Similarly, when taxes go up then stuff them at the end raise speedly, it will reduce the society interest especially for lower-middle status to become a consumer of a goods.
When demand for goods and services will increase so will result in any claim for creating new jobs to meet the demand of all kinds. Because based on Steve Mulder, the goal is to get customers' attention, persuade and create demand, market segmentation has historically been based on variables that correlate to creating demand: geography, age, gender, income, education, occupation and other traditional demographics, as well as psychographics around personality, lifestyle, values and attitudes. It works because these attributes are helpful for defining how to effectively speak to different groups of people. This requires not only the government to try to create new field jobs but the active participation of the society to help is also needed so that the good cooperation between the two can benefit and welfare of the nation, the state and also citizens.
Many new jobs will help reduce unemployment. Least number of unemployed will help improve security, as this will reduce crime like stealing, pilfer, gambling, and others. According to The labor Department report, that The nation's unemployment rate dropped to the lowest it has been in almost four years in September, giving President Barack Obama a potential upbeat talking point as the presidential race heads into the final innings. That the unemployment rate fell to 7.8 percent in September, a decline of 0.3 percentage point and the lowest since January 2009. The government said the economy created 114,000 jobs, about as expected, and generated 86,000 more jobs in July and August than first estimated. The increase in demand will have a positive impact as well it also can help the country. When creating new jobs not only reducing the unemployment rate but also increasing state revenues by increasing taxes that will be obtained from each job.
The welfare of a nation can be achieved with it all. Increasing state revenue through taxes that do not have to bother the people will bring a nation and its people toward the common good. Because the needs will increase, which it will require the new jobs. It can reduce the amount unemployment affecting to the security of the country for the better.
Appearantly, increase or decrease in taxes has a positive and negative impact . The state taxes have a strong impact and influence for the welfare of the country or its people. So the government should set it up correctly, do not let the tax burden the people even though the purpose of improving and advancing the country or for general interest. Individual aspects as the right of every citizen must also be considered. Expected both got the same result from the tax.

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Pentas Studi Gen 26, AYAHAB!!!!

Aktor, Sutradara & Kru PenYAHAB.

Aktor aktris unyu-unyu 27 April 2013, Act!!!!

AYAHAB!!!!! (sutradara n aktorny )

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Sampai saat ini,
aku masih sangat takut kehilangan
atas apa yang tak lagi ku miliki
Bodohnya diriku
yang masih tak bisa merelakan apa yang tlah lama hilang dari genggaman,
tlah jauh pergi, lepas dari ikatan....

Rasa yang sama sekali tak bisa ku pungkiri,
kesakitan tas kerinduan, menyayangimu.

Monday, April 22, 2013

My mid-term essay, 500 words ;-)

My  Favorite Arabic Teacher
Mr. Hery Mahfudzi was my Arabic teacher when I was in senior high school. At that time, he was still 22 years old. He has a good teaching method that is able to make the students love Arabic. He  is able to make the classroom alive and knock the pupils socks of corious to Arabic rise. He began teaching when he was at the first grade of senior high school. Formally, he was asked to be a junior high school’s Arabic teacher when he was in the third grade of senior high school. Even he has memorized almost a half of Arabic dictionary in the third grade of junior high school. Not many people can teach well in a young age like Mr. Hery’s capability to do that, and Arabic is neither a simple nor easy subject to teach. Therefore, I assume that his expertise on teaching is a form of success he has gotten.
Each success gotten by everyone has the formula to achieve it. According to Mr. Hery, he has three formulas of his success of applying teaching system. First, being a good student in order to be a good teacher. What Mr. Hery did in the past primarily becomes the bridge to his successfulness of the way he teaches now. Mr. Hery has been a good student when he was in Islamic boarding school. He used to studying autodidact by memorizing vocabulary, reading other book to improve his skill in Arabic, and bringing Arabic dictionary wherever and whenever. He thinks that expert of Arabic can be reached by studying Arabic continuously and make it compulsory. A man who is studying at LIPIA now always invests on his heart that Studying Arabic is necessary to grasp both Holy Qur’an and Hadist and Islam thoroughly. The second is having the high confidence to teach in front of many students. It can be carried out if the teacher has good preparation, not only that but also has knowledge as much as possible. The last formula is imitating the scholar or the teacher. The way Mr. Hery’s teaching is a reflection of the way of his teacher’s teaching. Not only from the system, but also all what his teacher does. The scholar always dresses to the teeth and to kill, and Mr. Hery does too.
Mr. Hery has a person who extremely affects his life especially the way he teaches. He is Mr. Muhaimin Tamam, a scholar of an Islamic boarding school where he studied many years ago. Mr. Hery said that the system he uses to teaches basically based on the system used by his scholar which is taken from Tarbiyah book. He can apply this book accurately, so he is able to make his pupils grasping Arabic well. Mr. Muhaimin Tamam and Tarbiyah book are two aspects influence Mr. Hery’s thoughts that he found them when he studied in Islamic boarding school for about 8 years. He said, “What I have gotten in Islamic boarding school becomes the significant aspect of successfulness and easiness I got now.”
The success is not achieved without hard effort. What Mr. Hery attempted when he was a student is not an easy thing to do. Therefore, it is not surprised, if I see him in successful condition. He has gotten his best shot to make his dream comes true. He sticks out his hand for that. That makes me proud of him. The struggle and the sacrifice he did have brought him to the bliss of successfulness, a fruit of his effort.
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Jeng-jeng di Ancol bareng beautiful sisters

Simulasi hari pahlawan K2 Gen'26

Princesses Laut Selamat

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the third essay I produced

Teenager delinquency includes all deviate behaviors from norm or criminal law that is done by the teenagers. Teen-age is usually named as insurrection period where the teenagers want to get attention from their environment by omitting the negative thing. They sometimes get away clean. Moreover, they will stick to their gun and do not think of the effect of what they did even do not care others. Unfortunately, many teenagers in this modern era overreach on omitting a delinquency. It cannot be undeniable. It can be found around us in form of engage in a gang fight, stealing, playing truant, racing, consuming drug, omitting free sex, smoking and et cetera. It gives loss to themselves and people around them.
There are many factors cause the teenager delinquency happens. It is not only from the internal problem of them but also from the external influence aspect. This external factor has significant affect causing the teenagers commit any kind of naughtiness and violation of rules. The teenager delinquency may be caused by: broken home, lack of socialization about moral and social, lack of control machinery, indiscipline factors, teenager association, bad affect of environment, poverty and violence and so on.
All done has impacts positively and negatively. From this case, it has more negative effect than the positive one. A young man who commits a deviate case, he will be both avoided and expelled by the society even his own family. However, this bad behavior may raise the criminality. Either a young man who omits delinquency aware or not, the major negative effect of what he did is the shyness of family. Finally, gloomy future belongs to who commits the infraction clearly. Therefore, they do not make a plash on their life.
In this case, parents have significant role to solve problem of teenager delinquency. It is because the first moral education will be gotten is from family, especially parents. Therefore, what parents do in family extends the children behavior. Every parent should give the best shot to take care of their children. The basic religion education is necessary to apply on each teenager-self. Therefore, it provides a young man the comprehension which one is good and bad, which one is allowed to do or not. The religion education is a frosting on the cake of attempt to prevent the teenager delinquency. To decrease the teenager delinquency, it can with rising of parents’ guarding to their young children. School can also help to solve this problem with providing counseling guidance education in the school.
All of people have responsibility to have a finger in every pie on taking care of teenager as the young generation of a nation. Parents, teachers and people around the teenagers are better to always go to bat for the teenagers. In fact, teenager delinquency can be decreased by many ways; the significant thing must be to make it real is parents’ role to treat, take care, and educate their beloved young children because the most time the teenagers spend is in family.