Friday, March 1, 2013

My first essay assignment of structure class in 4th term

Three Plots of Prose
On the morning of fourth term’s first day, I had English prose class. There was no new material we catch at that day, it only made a contract agreement and had a privileged brainstorming session. My lecturer passed a plenty of questions on to the students throughout the learning process. One of them was about the prose’s significant element, plot, as the plain account of what happens in a story. As the result, I recalled and grasped more at three kinds plot; closed, open, and no plot.
I know that closed plot is broadly defined as a plot which has the obvious end of story. Someone who reads a fiction story will not ask again about the ultimate story. The author provides the final satisfaction after reading the story to the readers and makes their anger disappear. Its example is J. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, this story has a clear ending. No one of my classmates who is in favor of this statement, the lecturer is so.
A friend of mine has answered a question about the open plot. What she said has reminded me of the closed plot description, that properly understood, is a plot which has unclear end of the narrative. So, when I read a narrative using this kind of plot, I should feel a lot of anger towards the narrative’s ending. In addition, my lecturer explained us, a narrative that has open plot is not clear enough, it is the hang-up narrative.
No plot is another plot that slightly hard to understand. What I got just as far as each it is fiction which has no plot. Yet, when I must consulted the book to answer the lecturer’s question, finally, I know that no plot fiction is likely nothing seems happen, where the characters face an endless problem without cause and effect and where everything is unpredictable. Bockett’s Waiting for Godot (1955) is the example of no plot fiction. It was the last one we discussed in the sparkling English prose class.
            Understanding plot as one of the important aspects of prose and all its parts is great activity, I liked it. The activity on last Monday was very profitable. It reminded every single student of the previous lessons and made our understanding deeper.