Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sorry for a day late

Last week, we only had a workshop and no more presentation. We discussed about our work of argumentative. I thought it was very confusing and having a huge difficulty. when I reviewed my partner's writing in workshop, Yogi, and compared it with mine. I realized some significant elements to make a good argumentative. Argumentative paragraph contains a sense of the writer, whether he agrees or not of a object discussed in the text. and it is must to include the opposite side of the writer position. naa..... the writer of argumentative has to give some reasons or proofs for each position, not only the agreeing position but also the opposite one.and I was so shy, when my partner ask me about, the mean of "whether" and how it in use. I did not know it rightly, and he corrected my fault. I thanked for him. Hucchhh.. emmbarassing day!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

the mistake of mine

We have no presentation more this  week. There were only 2 workshops we have. The First workshop was discussing our work of process analysis paragraph. I did some mistake in my written paragraph. A friend of mine told me it. I should give a complete logical order in process analysis. The steps must be clear, from the first (firstly, first, before beginning), next (secondly), and in the end must be the final (finally). Unfortunately, I did not put the final step or the result in my paragraph. The second one was about definition paragraph. I was a reviewer of Aida’s work, definition paragraph. She had the good topic, dangdut music. The composition is good I think.The conclusion of this workshop in my assumption is the supporting sentence of definition paragraph must not in example form, it can be in explanation one. The important thing is the supporting sentence still supports the topic one.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Safe way"

I almost forget the lesson, what ridiculous I am!+-+'. It needs to think hard to retur the memory of writing class on last week. Haha... it is exaggerated thing. :-p
On the week of Trias, Zakya and Lilis’s presentation, there were two workshops of paragraph. The workshops are about cause and effect and classification paragraph. I am not sure my works are good, but my partner’s works are easly to identify, the nice paragraph. Maybe, we choose the safe way to make the paragraph, so the writer is safe and the corrector is comfortable. Ahhh.. I do not know the exact words to discribe  it. ^,<
Flashback to the presentation
Trias’ paragraph is persuation in the owner’s perception, but not in the audience’s. Because of no words reperesent to persuade the reader to do something in that paragrah. The whole paragraph is explaining the object, and only the last sentence seems like the persuation sentence which is used by Trias as her key to argue her paragraph is persuation. Even my Assumption is wrong but I grasp that explains something. Zakya and Lilis’s paragraphs are too clear. It is the delicious paragraph to guess.
Have a nice week guy!!! :-)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Small thing does not mean unimportant thing.

On Wednesday, we identified our classmates’ writing  in pair as usual. Miss Vita treared us buying some snacks. Yummy.. ^,^
I identified Nur Cholishoh’s comparison and contrast paragraph , I could grasp  what my beautiful friend means in her paragraph. It was just alittle unorganized, but it was good.
What happened on Friday???
There was some presentations on Friday. I catched the primary lesson from the whole of presentation. If there is effect, there is cause automatically.
On my opinion, we are careless especially myself. I repeat my mistake. I have known that the topic is not sentence, it is phrase or word. But, I do not care it. L
Topic is an object discussed in the text. It is prhrase form or the word one, NO SENTENCE. Why the topic, is topic sentence. It is sentence form, ONLY A SENTENCE, NO MORE.
Do you know that the topic sentence is not must at the first sentence of the paragraph?andit can be has the abstract meaning (not all of the topic sentence same with the sentence of paragraph in words)
When I read the illustration paragraph, I assumed it is narrative. It is like story. Appearently, what makes it different with  narrative is the setting of the time. No timein illustration, and there is an object being discussed.
 I was scared when I saw Miss Vita was getting cranky on last Friday. I did not know the exact matter made my kind lecturer angry. I argued she had problem, and last Friday was unlucky day for my friend, Aries. So, alittle mistake of Aries became the way to explore the anger of hers . +,+ 
Just keep trying to do the best for being the best and the best one